Relax Scenes 12 Hour Ambience Video – Series 3



Relax Scenes 12 Hour Continuous Play Video Series 3, featuring a selection of some of our best original relaxing scenes, in many different categories including rivers, ocean, meadows, waterfalls, forests, lakes and more...bring relaxing nature scenes to your home, office, lobby or waiting room with no monthly subscriptions required, no commercials & no internet needed. 24 original Relax Scenes with HD ambient stereo audio change every 10 minutes and repeat every 4 hours for 12 hours of non-stop play on any LCD TV. Just copy the file to a USB drive, plug into TV USB port and select source from TVs remote, select play & relax! Turn any space into an oasis of relaxation & calm with the Relax Scenes 12 Hour Continuous Play Video! The TV viewing habit that could actually be good for your health!

  • HD Version - H264 /.mp4 file format. HD 1920 x1080 24fps. HD AC3 audio, 319kbps, 48khz stereo, 20 GB file - 32GB+ Flash Drives (For TVs that support HD 1920x1080p resolution or better)
  • 4K Version - H264 /.mp4 file format. 4K 3840 x 2160 24fps. HD AC3 audio. 448kbps, 44khz stereo, 32 GB file - 64GB+ Flash Drives (For TVs that support 4K 3840x2160p resolution or better)

After you receive your download link via email, either video version (HD or 4K) can be downloaded and copied to a USB flash drive (32GB+ for HD, 64GB+ for 4K) in NTFS format, for TV playback. High performance USB 3.0+ flash drive recommended. (SanDisk, Samsung, PNY, Kingston etc...) File is very large and download times can vary greatly, depending on your internet speed. File download can take 5 to 60 minutes+ depending on your ISP speed.

*If you experience any issues downloading file, alternate download options can be made available to you.

*for more information on formatting a flash drive to NTFS, visit our F.A.Q.S page >Ambience>How do I NTFS format my USB drive.

(*all videos for USB flash-drive playback have tiny RS watermark in bottom-right corner)

Licensing Types

Consumer / Residential Use

  • For consumer / residential use, Relax Scenes 12 hour video can be copied and used on all TVs and Video players in residence of purchaser, in a single household.


Business / Commercial Use

  • One Relax Scenes 12 hour video must be purchased per TV/Device used for playback.
  • A business license inclusive for playback on all onsite devices is available for 5+ devices at a substantial discount. Email us from our custom licensing page for details.